Sport-Tone SAS is a company registered in the registre du commerce de Grenoble under number 817 644 669, since 2016-11-01, with a share capital of 20 000€.
Head office : 75 Bd Michel Perret, F38210 Tullins

Nelly Martin

Nelly Martin, PhD

Co-founder and CEO of Sport-Tone
Doctorate in materials science and electrochemistery of the école polytechnique de l’université de Nantes (2003)
Engineer and Researcher - CEA Grenoble

Thomas Lequeux

Thomas Lequeux, MD

Co-founder and President of Sport-Tone
Medical Doctor, Université de Bruxelles (1999)
ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon(2004)
ENT physician in Grenoble

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